Dear Cigarettes,

Dear Cigarettes,

First of all, thank you. Even though we had this pact of saying no sorry and no thanks. I thank you.

It’s been quite long since I’ve talked to you, because I had left you. Ever since I met you for the first time, I’ve been breaking up with you. The sad part is, for the people who don’t matter. Everyone faked a promise to be that one, that last person in my life. But you, how did you manage to actually end up being the last person, who’s always there.

Whenever I had to take any decision, you held my hand even though the world was against us. Whenever I had to move on, you were there. At the times when I was alone, you came to make me feel at home. Dear, did you ever realize you’ve become the most companionable companion ever. Yes, the comforts of cuddling under the cozy blanket with the girl who left no longer brings me peace. It’s just a coffee and you who make me breathe peace.

And I’m sorry. I always walked over you, using you as a bridge, just to meet the people with whom only my heart could connect. Never realized that it’s you what my soul connects to. Thanks for helping me out through tough times and being with me even though I was never there for you. And sorry for all the times I devoured you off the respect and compassion you deserve, when I celebrated without you.

I can’t promise a million times, like you, too be there. So I can say is that I love you.

Yours, always.


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